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Purchasing Guide: Self Defense Handguns


This book takes the reader on a journey through the process of identifying the best handgun to purchase for self-defense. The approach includes a variety of different factors and considerations to weigh when thinking through the best personal firearm while ignoring the clamoring of the masses. From the selection process the book transitions to the process of shopping and finding the best deal.

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Millions of Americans Get One Simple Thing Wrong…

They buy a gun and then seek out training and education. Think about it… 

You need to get some education first and then buy the gun. That is why we built this course / book. 

An Exhaustive Look at How To Select the Right Gun For You

In this guide we cover the following topics:

  • Private Sales VS Retail Sales
  • Checklist for buying used guns
  • How to Select a Retail Store
  • Whose advice you can trust 
  • The best places to get input and feedback
  • Understand Calibers of handguns and stopping power
  • Differences between revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
  • Legal considerations


Three Steps to Saving 20-35% off any gun purchase

The Ten Accessories You Need to Purchase With Your First Gun


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