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Purchasing Guide – Self Defense Handguns


If you are exploring firearms for self-defense you need to familiarize yourself with the laws that surround and control concealed carry permits. Concealed carry is the allowance that everyday citizens can carry a concealed handgun for self-defense.

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Product Description

Millions of Americans Get One Simple Thing Wrong…

They buy a gun and then seek out training and education. Think about it… 

You need to get some education first and then buy the gun. That is why we built this course / book. 

An Exhaustive Look at How To Select the Right Gun For You

In this guide we cover the following topics:

  • Private Sales VS Retail Sales
  • Checklist for buying used guns
  • How to Select a Retail Store
  • Whose advice you can trust 
  • The best places to get input and feedback
  • Understand Calibers of handguns and stopping power
  • Differences between revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
  • Legal considerations


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