Why does Ammunition Cost so Much?

practice safety

so many other products, ammunition prices are higher than they were pre-COVID. What people wonder is if the cost of ammo will ever come back down. I know I can’t definitively answer that question. However, we may get closer to the answer by first loing at the factors affecting ammunition production costs. Then, with…

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Fact or Fiction – Are Concealed Carriers “Sheepdogs”?

The idea of being a sheepdog is a noble one. However, it’s fair to see if a misunderstanding of that term leads non-law enforcement officers into an improper mentality. Origin of the term “Sheepdog” — I don’t know when or why the term “sheepdog” became a popular conceal carrier descriptor. I suspect it is born…

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Nobody Needs an AR 15 Death Ray Machine Gun

ar15 doesn't have recoil

(Disclaimer, I mean to be snarky in this post. I hope you all know by now just how pro-gun I am. I believe everyone should own an AR 15 (or 100) if they want to. This disclaimer exists because people won’t read the entire article and assume I’m anti-gun.) Nobody Needs an AR 15 —…

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