Gun Bans Do Not Work, And Gun Free Zones Turn Schools Into Soft Targets

Have you ever noticed that killers frequently carry out mass shootings in places with “no firearms allowed” signs on the door? Have you ever noticed that the only solution that ever gets proposed is new laws to curtail the Constitutional Rights of the law abiding?

gun free school zone

Has the Gun Free School Zones Act made schools safer or more dangerous? I think history answers the question clearly.

Abolish the Second Amendment?

Many people would love to see America to abolish the Second Amendment. In their communist utopia, everyone beats their guns into plowshares, and murder never happens because all the guns are gone. There are a few issues with this approach to the problem.

England's Gun Ban—

First, it is wishful thinking, and frankly absurd to believe that everyone will comply with a gun ban. Even if compliance is widespread, people will just use other weapons. England banned firearms in 1996, but that hasn't stopped criminals from stabbing people to death. And ban or not, criminals still acquire guns in the UK when determined to do so. If I were overstating the problem, “knife amnesty bins” would not be a common feature in England. In fact, stabbings are such a problem in England, schools started teaching emergency trauma classes.

england knife drop off box

Astonishingly, the gun ban in England and the strict firearms laws in some states in the US have not put an end to violence as we know it. They have, however, made soft targets of school children and given the criminal element of society a distinct advantage over the law abiding.

Legislating Good Behavior—

Governments can't legislate humans into moral behavior, and most people know this. However, it doesn't stop some politicians from trying. Beyond the simple fact that gun bans do not yield the promised results, gun bans are unconstitutional. They know this, too, but it's no hindrance to their agenda or the momentum the anti-gun lobby has in some areas of the country.

It's reasonable to ask the following question. If bans do not improve public safety, why do people continue beating that drum and screaming about “common sense gun laws” to control “weapons of war”?

When President Biden or Eric Swalwell make comments about nuking the American people or turning the military loose on us, you get a proper sense for how intensely they despise their own people, and the lifestyle many Americans embrace. These aren't thinly veiled threats, these are the ramblings of megalomaniacs who, evidently, are okay with carrying out the genocide of their own people to force compliance with a weapons ban. If they're willing to do that, and threaten it openly, then all Americans—regardless of race, political party, or any other factor—should be worried about what comes after that.

Armed Responses to Active Killers—

There are plenty of other viable solutions (the armed police response to the transgender shooter in Nashville comes to mind), but we don't hear about them. The Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 has had over 30 years to show how ineffective it is, and it is time for a different approach.

Essentially, officials only seem willing to expand the gun free zone to include the rest of America, and they will not even entertain alternative suggestions. That really tells us all we need to know. They don't care about solving the problem; they are more concerned with shoehorning in their non-solution. I think this is because, ultimately; it means a weakened, disarmed America.

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  1. Dan Gilbert on May 24, 2023 at 8:38 pm

    I’ve been saying this exact things for years!!!

  2. piper6977 on May 28, 2023 at 8:37 am

    This article all great points. Now how do we undo gun-free zones and shut Liberals up about gun control.
    Contacting your Washington people is useless for the most part.

  3. Paul Antle on May 29, 2023 at 1:37 pm

    Try reading “By the Numbers: Why Gun Control Will Not Work” on the Smerconish website. Different arguments; same conclusion. Didn’t put link because many comment sections don’t allow; search for it.

  4. Paul Antle on May 29, 2023 at 1:39 pm

    Try reading “By the Numbers: Why Gun Control Will Not Work” on the Smerconish website. Different arguments; same conclusion. I didn’t put link because many comment sections don’t allow; search for it.

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