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Gun gear reviews about guns, holsters, safety gear, targets, and much more. Learn about the latest and greatest toys for American firearm owners.


Comfort Cling Holster From Clinger Holsters

try out their new “Comfort Cling” holster. The Comfort Cling holster is a clipless holster similar to a Remora or Sticky holster. This is actually the first holster of this style that I’ve ever worn so I can’t compare it to the similar products out there but what follows is my own thoughts on my […]

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LAG Tactical Grunt Style Defender Holster REVIEW

I had the opportunity to have an exclusive lo at and review the new Grunt Style Defender Series Holster made by L.A.G. Tactical. The Defender Holster is an IWB/OWB (Inside Waistband/Outside Waistband) holster that can be swapped between roles in a matter of minutes. All one must do is remove the IWB clips and replace […]

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