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Know Your Target

Why are we still having these conversations? Why do we need to constantly re-iterate things like gun safety to people who claim ignorance when life is taken? Imagine this following scenario for a moment, if you will: You’re driving down the road in the car with your family. You’ve got two kids in the back […]

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New From Glock: Glock 45 and Two Gen 5 MOS Pistols

We received word from Glock, Inc today that they have announced a few new mos to their up. In two separate press releases, we’ve seen 3 new pistols. The first new offering is what they’re calling, “The Ultimate Service Pistol,” in their G45. The Glock 45 is their latest iteration of a crossover pistol … […]

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concealed carry for fat guys

Concealed Carry For Fat Guys

Concealed Carry For Fat Guys? Yeah, I went there and you can’t be mad at me for it because I’m a little plump myself. How plump? How many 300 pound people do you know? If you don’t know any, that’s roughly what I weigh. Granted, I’m also 6’4″ so I hide it better than most, […]

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