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Recently USA Firearm Training's President Jacob Paulsen and Concealed Carry Podcast host Riley Bowman headed out to the range with the winner of July's American Gun Law Launch Giveaway, Mark along with his guest Heather. But this was no ordinary trip. This was a prize that was almost $5,000! Included in the shoot were over 30 firearms, including AR-15's, full auto pistols, and some pretty immense revolvers. Plus Mark and Heather received a free meal, four certified instructors to help him and his very own personalized training curriculum. Because when USA Firearm Training goes to the range, things get pretty epic, pretty quick. Luckily we brought our camera's with so that you all can take a peek at the lucky day Mark and Heather had.

The day consisted of Mark and Heather shooting several different types of custom built guns, including some that Mark himself is looking to match specs with for his personal collection.

They also received several tips and drills that both Mark and Heather can take on for the rest of their lives.

We here at USA Firearm Training thank Mark and Heather for a fun day. We hope you had just as much of an amazing time as we all did!

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  1. Matthew Maruster December 15, 2016 at 4:31 pm #

    This is really awesome! Congratulations!

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