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Episode 64: Top Shot Mike Hughes: The One Fundamental You MUST Master


Topic: Top Shot Mike Hughes – The One Fundamental You MUST Master

Mike Hughes, inventor of the S.I.R.T. Pistol, Runner-Up on Season 3 of Top Shot, and founder of Next Level Training joins us to discuss the secrets of pistol performance. Mike shares the three most important shooting skills in order and explains what it takes to win both in competition and in self-defense. Listen in to get the details!!

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  • Today's episode is brought to you by the S.I.R.T. training pistol. The SIRT is our favorite training tool and the most often mentioned product on the Podcast for a reason. It allows the shooter to master the core handgun shooting skills in a safe environment without any cost of range fees or ammunition. This inert training gun will change… or perhaps save your life. Learn more here: SIRT Pistol.

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