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Episode 130: Disappearing Act – Becoming the ‘Gray Man’

Topic: Disappearing Act – Becoming the ‘Gray Man'

Enjoy today's episode from Riley together with a new guest host, Eric Ward, a talented firearms instructor from Houston, Texas. As a long time podcast listener, Eric proposed the idea of talking about “gray man” tactics and the importance they play in the lives of CCWers. Want to know how to blend in with your environment? Want to know what are some of the best clothing choices and holster choices to accomplish this? Press ‘PLAY' above to listen now!

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One Response to Episode 130: Disappearing Act – Becoming the ‘Gray Man’

  1. skc55 June 14, 2017 at 4:02 pm #

    Another way to say this.
    Trying to be the grey man is like bbecoming the sheepherd. Not being the grey man is becoming the shepherd.

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