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Best New Years Resolutions Around Firearm Training

20141111_21At the new year it is traditional for us to reflect on the previous year and consider the next year. What did we do well, what do we want to do more or less of, and what do we want to set out to accomplish in the following year. According to surveys the most common new year resolutions are exactly what you would expect. Lose Weight and Quit Smoking. As you consider each aspect of your life (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical) you should also consider how you will work in 2015 toward making yourself and your family better prepared to deal with emergencies and threats.

Set yourself some specific and measurable goals around being prepared. Goals may include a plan to purchase certain gear or to go to the range to train more often. Below are outlined some common goals you may consider for 2015.

Owning the Right Weapons

There is no weapon that is the perfect weapon for every situation in which you might need a weapon. If you are going to have the best possible gun for each potential situation that requires a gun you will have to purchase and acquire more weapons. Guns (at least good ones) are not particularly inexpensive so each year my wife and I consider 1-3 guns that we would like to buy that year. Your budget and economic situation may give you greater or more limited flexibility but if you don't have a plan and work toward it you won't control your destiny. Do you have the right gun for: Home Defense, Concealed Carry (consider different places you go and clothing you wear), hunting small game, big game, birds, hiking, camping, travel, etc?

Getting the Right Gear

In addition to the gun there is a lot more gear you may consider as it relates to your family's safety and security. There are the long list of gun accessories to include, ammunition, holsters, lights, scopes, cleaning equipment, safes, magazines, and more. Then there is the training equipment like your: range bag, ear muffs, safety glasses, targets, etc.

Survival and safety is much much more than just the right gun and ammunition. You may need to set 2015 goals around food and water storage, security and first aid equipment, survival caches, bug out kits, and more. Take inventory of your situation and set goals to fill the gaps.

Training to Win

You can never train enough. Professional athletes who make millions of dollars each year understand the importance of training every day. For most of us carrying a gun and being prepared to to use it in defense of our loved ones is not a full time job. As such it often takes a back seat. I hate to suggest the correct frequency for training but I do think that getting to the range and doing live training less than once a month is NOT enough. You need to build muscle memory and then maintain it. Even when you get to a point that the basics are concrete you can start to practice new disciplines (weapons, stances, situations) in an effort to be better prepared. New years goals might require getting a babysitter, joining a range, or blocking out the time on your calendar.

In addition to weapon training you may need to consider other training to increase your preparedness. You should be proficient at first aid as it may be just as critical to your survival and the survival of a loved one in an attack or emergency. You may also consider training your family escape, intruder, and active emergency response plans. Always seek out to learn more and make a plan and a goal to train to win!

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