Tyrant Designs – Brand New P320 Trigger Released

Tyrant Designs just announced that they are accepting pre-orders of their brand new Sig Sauer P320 trigger upgrade.

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Tyrant Designs CnC:

The company is known for its machined and skeletonized upgrade parts for AR-15's and enhancement parts for Glock, Sig, and S&W handguns.

I haven't seen one in person yet. However, I have done several reviews of Tyrant Designs products in the past. In particular, I like and use their Glock enhanced magazine release and slide stop and their universal handgun compensator.

Currently, I am working on a review of their Improved Tyrant Trigger System (ITTS) Trigger for Glock handguns. The trigger shoe feels nice, and its adjustable reset is noticeable. Once I evaluate its longevity, I'll be posting my final opinion, but so far, it looks like it will supplant my SSVI replacement trigger shoe.

I used the MantisX10 to gather data on the performance of this Tyrant Designs compensator.

Sig P320 Trigger Upgrade:

But now, back to the new Sig P320 trigger.

The new two-part, falt-faced trigger is aluminum and stainless steel. It will fit your fire control unit without modification. And, just like many of the other Tyrant products, it comes in a few different color combinations to add a personalized, custom look to your handgun. In addition, the company says the trigger's design reduces the pretravel by 10% compared to the stock trigger.

The trigger is priced competitively to other similar P320 trigger upgrade products and costs 80 dollars.

When Will They Ship?

Tyrant says it will begin shipping orders of their new Sig P320 trigger on October 29th, just in time to wrap it and put it under your Christmas tree.

You can learn more about Tyrant Designs Sig Sauer P320 trigger upgrade on the company website.

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