Safety Strategies While Traveling

Traveling the world is a great way to experience different cultures and food. One thing I learned from my travels is that I have much in common with people in other areas/countries than differences. Unfortunately, one similarity is crime. No matter where I’ve gone, from the sleepy little town in Kentucky to the hot…

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How to Dry Fire Safely When You’re Away From Home

mantis laser training

Dry fire practice is such an important part of building and maintaining your pistol skills. Many of us perform dry fire practice several times a week or , and even set up a special area in our homes where we can safely practice. But is there a safe way to conduct dry fire practice when…

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Interstate Travel: Understanding Article 926A of FOPA

If you are traveling through states that otherwise don’t honor your permit(s) then you can either attempt to research and follow that state’s law relative to the transporting and vehicle possession of a firearm or you can just follow the requirements of 926A which you know protect you anywhere.

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Episode 385: EDC Tools to Carry on the Road with Lena Miculek of Team SIG SAUER

Today is Day 3 in a marathon of power-packed podcast episodes Riley Bowman had the opportunity to record while at SHOT Show 2020. This one features Lena Miculek, Pro-shooter and World Champion with Team SIG SAUER. We talk about concealed carry, other EDC options including for non-permissive environments, and we get into some tips, tricks, and techniques for shooting at an elite, world-class level.

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Traveling With Your Gun: 3 Tools I Can’t Live Without

duty to inform / duty to notify

We are officially about to enter the most traveled time of the year with the biggest holidays right around the corner. At the end of this month we’ve got Thanksgiving which is the most traveled holiday of the year, next month we’ve got Christmas, followed by the New Year in January. We always recommend traveling…

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