Deadly Force Dilemma, Shoot-to-Incapacitate, a Horrible, Misguided Concept

enoch deadly force shooting

It is painfully apparent that what most people think about armed or unarmed self-defense is based on fantasy. This disconnect is most evident whenever the media and public nincompoops give their “professional” opinion on any given officer-involved shooting (OIS). Without fail, someone races to show the world that they don’t understand violent encounters and says…

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Episode 310: 9 Gun Myths…BUSTED!!!

Today, Riley and Matthew discuss 9 myths about guns and shooting and what is actually true. What are these myths? And how can we all be better “students of the gun” and not get swayed by uneducated guesses and opinions??

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Three Gun Defense Myths—Busted

When it comes down to those rare instances for which we carry a concealed handgun or keep that 12 gauge by the bed, there are some urban legends about personal defense with a firearm that persist. Many of these erroneous beliefs thrive both within and outside the gun-carrying populace. Let’s get to myth-bustin’. Myth #1:…

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