Utah Man Stabs His Grandparents, Gets Shot By Grandfather

Defensive Gun Use

Sevier County Utah Sheriffs responded to a 911 call from someone “in obvious panic,” Sheriffs said. The caller reported that their grandson was attacking her husband and stabbing him with a knife. July 8th Incident: The self-defense incident happened on July 8th in the Utah home of Margo (75) and Charles (78) Evans. According to…

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For The New Gun Owner: 9mm VS .380 ACP

One of the most talked-about topics in the gun world is the never-ending caliber war. I usually try to avoid it if at all possible because it just causes arguments. Still, one of the most popular questions I hear revolves around caliber choice and “stopping power.” This time around, we discuss two of the …

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Rock Island Armory Release: STK100 Striker-Fired Handgun

rock island 9mm

Rock Island Armory is well-known for its single-action, 1911 handguns. Now they are venturing into the striker-fired market with the release of the STK100. Rock Island Armory (RIA) STK100: I haven’t had an opportunity to handle the new STK100, but it is a full-size handgun, according to the company website. It is chambered in 9mm…

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Grumpy Man in Jail After Shooting Trespasser in Head

man shoots trespasser

In Preston, Idaho, a shooting highlighted the importance of a proper self-defense mindset and reaffirmed that some guns are neat but aren’t a great choice for your everyday carry (EDC) handgun. According to news reports, here is how the incident unfolded. On May 31st, a woman and her friend drove down route 36 in Franklin…

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Good Guy With A Gun, Stops Mass Shooting

Arkansas mass shooting stopped

A psychopathic killer, intent on committing a mass shooting, was stopped by a legally armed citizen in a Fort Smith, Arkansas apartment complex early Saturday morning. The killer, a resident of the complex, exited his apartment on the morning of May 15th, 2021, and began shouting. Speaking of the shooter, a resident of the complex…

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