14-Year-Old Shot Playing Hide and Seek and 3 Similar Stories

It appears there is a growing trend that is incredibly disturbing. I'm not talking about some new Tick-Tock challenge where teens do something idiotic for approval from strangers. Over the last couple months, we've seen three irresponsible gun owners display criminal conduct with their firearm. Sadly, now we can add a fourth story.

I'm usually not surprised by the bizarre things people do. And I hate to beat the same drum over and over, but I feel an obligation to call out this type of immoral behavior.

Be Sure of Your Target: America's Triple S Disease

The Kaylin A. Gillis Shooting—

The first of three incidents I'll tie together involves the killing of 20-year-old Kaylin A. Gillis. On April 15th, Kaylin was in a vehicle with three friends. The group got lost and pulled down the driveway of the wrong home in rural New York. When they realized they turned the vehicle around to leave, never exiting the car.

A guy called Patrick Monahan saw them, came out onto his porch and shot into the vehicle. A round struck Kaylin, and she died. I noted that story in this post: I'm Shooting Anyone Who Trespasses on My Property.

Kaylin Gillis Photo: Times Union News.

Texas Cheerleader Shooting—

On April 18th, a group of 4 girls returned to a grocery store parking lot that serves as a carpool pickup spot for members of the Woodlands Elite Cheer Company. One of the girls named Heather Roth, got into a vehicle she thought belonged to her friend, but when she got in, she realized she was in the wrong car when she saw a stranger in the passenger seat. She quickly got out and got in the right vehicle.

The stranger exited the vehicle and walked over to the vehicle Heather and 3 other girls were in. According to reports, Heather tried apologizing to the man, but he pulled out a handgun and fired into the vehicle, striking Heather and another girl named Payton Washington. Heather suffered minor injuries, while Payton sustained major injuries from gunshot wounds to her back and legs.

The maniac left the scene and the police later identified and arrested a 25-year-man called Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr. for the shooting.

Payton Washington – Photo Chattanooga Times Free Press

6-Year-Old and Parents Shot by Neighbor—

Robert Louis Singletary, who lives in North Carolina, became enraged at a group of kids playing basketball. When the ball rolled into his yard, he apparently couldn't handle it. According to news reports, Singletary shot at the 6-year-old, her mother and father while chasing them down the street. Singletary didn't stop shooting until he ran out of ammunition.

The father identified as William White was critically injured while attempting to draw fire away from his wife Ashley and daughter Kinsley. Both Ashley and Kinsley also suffered injuries. Singletary fled and the police later arrested him.

Kinsley White- Photo –

Suspect Robert Louis Singletary

14-Year-Old Shot While Playing Hide-and-Seek—

Finally, the newest story of the bunch. During the morning hours this past Sunday on May 7th, some neighborhood kids were playing hide-and-seek. Apparently, the children were playing in multiple yards in the neighborhood and ventured onto the property of 52-year-old David Van Doyle.

According to Deputies, Doyle, the homeowner, said he saw shadows outside his home and went inside to get his firearm. He said that when he went back outside and observed people running away from his property, and he opened fire. One of the children was struck in the back of the head but suffered minor injuries. Of course Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Doyle for the shooting.

Suspect David Van Doyle

Now What?

Anti-gunners use these types of stories to portray all gun owners as maniacs, waiting for the opportunity to shoot someone. Obviously, there are always men and women who fit this category. Our company and I individually feel obligated to post stories documenting when gun owners save a bunch of people by killing an active shooter, as well as instances where we can learn where gun owners went wrong.

I don't know any of these men, but I'm going to take an educated guess that none of them had any self control or value human life. All of them should receive a fair trial and judgement for their actions.

I've heard people say things like:

-If anyone comes on my property uninvited, they are leaving in a body bag

-Shoot first and ask questions later

-Just tell the police you feared for your life

-I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

I'm not saying anyone who says these things is an evil person. Just that I think it is this mindset that can lead to using force at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. When it's time, righteously defend innocent life without hesitation. However, If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

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  1. Sheena on May 11, 2023 at 9:26 am

    Know what, who you are shooting at and why!
    Shooting at people running AWAY? Shooting at small children?
    Shooting at someone who is NOT posing a threat to you? Just morally reprehensible!!!!

  2. Huapakechi on May 11, 2023 at 4:26 pm

    The RIGHT to keep and bear arms comes with the RESPONSIBILITY to make sure the target is deserving of being shot.

  3. Greg on May 26, 2023 at 10:23 pm

    Only use deadly force when you absolutely need to. None of these shooters were even remotely in a life threatening situation. It just gives responsible gun owners a bad name.

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