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Washington State Ceases to Honor Permits From Tennessee

Washington-AGO-Color-SealAnother one bites the dust in Washington State this week. Washington has decided it will no longer honor concealed carry permits from Tennessee.

According to the WA Gov website in order for Washington to honor a permit from another state, that state must meet three criteria:

  • Recognize Washington concealed pistol licenses;
  • Not issue concealed pistol licenses to persons under age 21; AND
  • Require a mandatory fingerprint-based background check for criminal and mental health history.

As it turns out Washington figured out that Tennessee DOES issue permits to persons under age 21 and thus will no longer meet the criteria.

The number of states whose permits are honored in Washington continues to be low, with less than 10 in total and even some of those with only enhanced permits being honored.

You can always access an up to date map on via our Concealed Carry Maps tool.

Official Washington State website

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