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News about concealed carry reciprocity. Here you can see all recently changes in the US relating to how states honor each other’s concealed carry permits. To get a current map for your state visit our map builder. You can also subscribe to get email updates for each reciprocity change here.

nevada permit reciprocity

Nevada No Longer Honors Permits From OR, NC, or NE

Nevada recently made changes to the reciprocity agreements they have with a few different states. Until recently, concealed carriers from North Carolina, Oregon, and Nebraska could carry a concealed weapon in the state of Nevada. Effective as of June 1, 2020, the above listed states will no longer have their permit recognized in Nevada. Being […]

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Episode 305: Passing Gun Control Without Actually Passing New Gun Laws

Today Riley and Matthew cover the latest stories from around the USA in the firearms and concealed carry communities. Today is our Legislative Updates Edition and we’re talking about some important stories including about how certain members of Congress are going after guns by attacking banks and the finance industry. Plus we introduce a new […]

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