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Would you like your belt to include a zipper opening on the inside of the belt where you can conceal cash and other small items?

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The vast majority of Frequent Flyer Belt owners use them for daily wear, not just for airport convenience. The FF has the same capabilities to carry heavy items as The Original Instructor Belt but without the high-strength steel or Ti buckle. For daily carry and general non-life-support¬ use, the Frequent Flyer with its polymer ring buckle system may be perfect for you.

Many like the 1-1/2″ belt for casual use and have holsters with 1-1/2″ loops or slots, but most use the 1-1/4″ FF for general use. While we do have 1-3/4″ FF's, they have trailed the other two in popularity. For ease of use and super-lightweight design, we think you should give the Frequent Flyer serious consideration. Whether you are a frequent flyer or even a never-flyer, this belt is the best answer to your need to hold up your pants and carry plenty of gear comfortably.” — Ralph Holzhaus, President of Wilderness Tactical

The Frequent Flyer is a 100% non-metallic, security-friendly belt. Naturally, it still meets the standards for quality and durability that we established with our Original Instructor Belts. The FF Belts are stylish for casual wear, come in a variety of widths to fit most pants, and are tough enough to hold up not just your pants and cell phone on a trip, but your full-size pistol, spare ammunition and a tactical flashlight back at home.

We took the winning design of our stylish Ring Belt and had new buckle rings designed and molded to our specs with our name on it. Molded of tough Delrin, the Frequent Flyer's rings act just like the Ring Belt's tough aluminum rings without setting off metal detectors — or, as we are told, without marring your car's paint job while leaning over and washing it! (Thanks, Kurt) They also look sharp doing it, going well with cargo pants, casual slacks, shorts or jeans.

The design and construction made famous by our Original Instructor Belts are used in the Frequent Flyer-series as well. As with all of our tactical belts, two layers of webbing are used resulting in a durable belt that holds its shape and carries weight well.

Which Width Should I Buy?

The original 1-1/4″ version of our Frequent Flyer Belt is sometimes overlooked as both a sportswear belt and concealed carry belt. Although more narrow, it has all same available sewing features as all of the other great Wilderness belts. Inside-the-waistband holsters and revolvers with the Barami Hip Grip can easily be carried, as well as OWB holsters carrying light autos and revolvers. Our Sonoran Shirts worn untucked with a 1-1/4″ FF Belt round out a low-profile system for CCW capabilities with relaxed comfort.

Our travel-friendly 1-1/2″ Frequent Flyer Belt has been incredibly popular. Still, many customers also wanted a wider version to match the belt loops on their gear, and to carry heavier weapons. We listened and had a scaled-up version of our tough Delrin buckle rings designed and molded. Now with the same 1-1/2″ and 1-3/4″ widths and construction as our legendary Instructor Belts, the expanded Frequent Flyer line does even more.

We use our premium, custom-made sling webbing for the classic 1-1/4″ version, in Black, Coyote, Wolf Grey, and Ranger.

The 1-1/2″ and 1-3/4″ use the same durable webbing as our Instructor Belts. Our 1-3/4″ belts fit most jeans and BDUs very well (please measure belt loops to be sure! We have found many off-brands have odd sizes that may not be correct). The 1-1/2″ fit a wider variety of pants and shorts. The Frequent Flyer is available in Black, Coyote, Wolf Grey, and Ranger.

The 3-Stitch is standard, but they are also available in reinforced 5-stitch and Combat Shooters Model (C.S.M.) for better load-bearing.

This belt has no clip-in point and has not been designed for emergency securing or any form of life support.



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Size Chart

Our standard Original Instructor, Titanium Instructor and Frequent Flyer Belts are sized by a true measured belt size to the nearest single inch, not a two-inch range or generic small, medium, large, etc. Our Sport and Easy-Fit belts have more generous sizing, but we still strongly recommend checking your actual size. We ask that you put a cloth tape through the belt loops of the pants that you would normally wear the belt with, pulling as tightly as you typically pull a belt, and measure to the nearest single inch. If you regularly wear an in-the-waistband holster and mag pouches, we recommend you place them in your pants for measuring. Ideally, the hook fastener material on the belt tab should center evenly in the loop fastener material area on the belt body. From an ideal fit you will then have 1-3/4" of adjustment in each direction. This is usually enough of an adjustment to cinch down for something heavy on the outside of the belt or loosen the belt for an in-the-waistband holster. If your I.W.B. holster is for a particularly thick gun, you may want to assume an extra inch. You can also measure by laying your leather belt out flat on a table, and measure from the inside edge of the buckle away from the hinge to the hole that you currently use. Measure to the nearest single inch as shown. It is important that the inside length of the buckle be included in the measurement. Please do not assume the size shown on your current belt is correct. It is most common for a belt size to be 2"-3" larger than a pants size. This is because a pants size is a measurement of you, while a belt size is a measurement of you with a layer of fabric (your pants) wrapped around you. If you would like any assistance in the measuring process, please feel free to call us. A quick call is easier and cheaper for everyone than a belt exchange.