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The Original Instructor Belt was developed in 1983 and has been refined ever since. It is a very strong belt with a specially designed carbon steel V-ring buckle with a tough, non-glare black nitrided finish which is highly corrosion-resistant and will not chip like painted coatings. The belt was originally designed to clip into a secure system while “instructing” others in high places during mountain rescue training, although they can be used for emergency rappelling with proper training. Our belts have also proven to be a fantastic everyday pants belt for casual or outdoor use, as well as concealed-carry.

Although not intended to replace a rappelling harness or to absorb a fall, the Instructor Belt provides peace of mind over the alternative — no protection at all. We strongly recommend it for anyone involved in law enforcement, special warfare, or rescue operations where there is a risk of falling out of a helicopter. It has been standard operating procedure for decades within the Phoenix Special Assignments Unit (SWAT) to clip into a Wilderness Original Instructor Belt during airborne or skid-riding ops. It has also been used by many professionals who like the safety of being clipped in when working in cherry pickers (the belt's first “save”) or other tall structures.

This belt is not intended to replace a standard rappelling harness with leg straps in normal operations. It is intended as an emergency option to clip into when there is a risk of falling, or for emergency rappelling when no other option is available. It will be very uncomfortable to rappel with, but it may save your life — which is what we intended. The Instructor Belt must be used in conjunction with a harness or rope seat during any non-emergency situation or rappel training. These are inherently dangerous operations which can result in death or serious injury; proper training in these skills is absolutely required.

The Original Instructor Belt is designed to be a serious piece of rescue/safety equipment that you may have to bet your life on. In lab testing, our Original Instructor Belt has withstood a minimum of 5,900 lbs. of static stress without failing, to more than 8,000 lbs. of static stress without failing. Results vary with model. See testing data. Ask those who try to copy us if they continually refine the construction and materials they use? Or do they use inferior materials and designs, like heat-sealing or flimsy metal tabs on the end that tear off and shred your belt within a year or two? Our proprietary polymer treatment on the belt tab actually soaks into the core of our nylon and bonds with it, providing permanent protection from fraying. With proper use, your Original Instructor Belt should give you literally years of faithful service.


The standard 3-stitch model offers very good load-bearing and comfort with inside-the-pants holster carry. The 5-stitch model is our favorite and most popular. It offers two additional stitch lines along the length of the belt which significantly stiffen it and enhance load bearing. It's vertical rigidity is similar to a high-quality leather gunbelt, yet it is horizontally and rotationally flexible for comfort. We think this is the best one for most gun-carrying operations, both inside-the-pants and belt holsters. The Combat Shooters Model (C.S.M.) adds a polyethylene insert which adds even more vertical rigidity. This model is slightly thicker than the 3- or 5-stitch models. We recommend it for action shooters and security work where numerous items such as duty holsters will be worn on the belt.

Our original 1¾” belts fit most jeans and BDUs very well (please measure belt loops to be sure! We have found many off-brands have odd sizes that may not be correct). Due to overwhelming demand we also produce 1½” Original Instructor Belts that will fit a wider variety of pants and shorts.

Why did it take so long to make the smaller one? Because our proprietary 1½” buckles, just like our 1¾” versions, were put through rigorous laboratory testing to prove their merit.

Instructor Belts are available in Black, Coyote Brown, Wolf Grey, and Ranger Green, 1½” or 1¾”. We offer standard stiffness 3-stitch, stiffer 5-stitch, and a Combat Shooter's Model (C.S.M.) with a more rigid polymer insert. They have corrosion-resistant buckles with a black nitrided finish (which will not chip like painted coatings found on many Instructor Belt copies), and all the quality you expect from a Wilderness product. Remember, if it's not a Wilderness Original Instructor Belt, it's just a copy.


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the belt of choice of Gunsite staff.”

Owen “Buz” Mills, President,
Gunsite Academy, Inc.


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Size Chart

Our standard Original Instructor, Titanium Instructor and Frequent Flyer Belts are sized by a true measured belt size to the nearest single inch, not a two-inch range or generic small, medium, large, etc. Our Sport and Easy-Fit belts have more generous sizing, but we still strongly recommend checking your actual size. We ask that you put a cloth tape through the belt loops of the pants that you would normally wear the belt with, pulling as tightly as you typically pull a belt, and measure to the nearest single inch. If you regularly wear an in-the-waistband holster and mag pouches, we recommend you place them in your pants for measuring. Ideally, the hook fastener material on the belt tab should center evenly in the loop fastener material area on the belt body. From an ideal fit you will then have 1-3/4" of adjustment in each direction. This is usually enough of an adjustment to cinch down for something heavy on the outside of the belt or loosen the belt for an in-the-waistband holster. If your I.W.B. holster is for a particularly thick gun, you may want to assume an extra inch. You can also measure by laying your leather belt out flat on a table, and measure from the inside edge of the buckle away from the hinge to the hole that you currently use. Measure to the nearest single inch as shown. It is important that the inside length of the buckle be included in the measurement. Please do not assume the size shown on your current belt is correct. It is most common for a belt size to be 2"-3" larger than a pants size. This is because a pants size is a measurement of you, while a belt size is a measurement of you with a layer of fabric (your pants) wrapped around you. If you would like any assistance in the measuring process, please feel free to call us. A quick call is easier and cheaper for everyone than a belt exchange.