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S6E9: JUSTIFIED SAVES – Man Shot the Wrong Shoplifter

Topic: JUSTIFIED SAVES – Man Shot the Wrong Shoplifter

Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster share the latest JUSTIFIED SAVES (Defensive Gun Uses) including the successes and the failures. Today we have plenty to discuss as we break down multiple events including carjackings, attempted robberies, home invasions, and more. Plus we discuss the case out of Washington State where one man, attempting to do the “right thing” was mistaken about a situation and ended up arrested for trying to stop the wrong man and shooting him! Tune in, you don't want to miss this!

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One Response to S6E9: JUSTIFIED SAVES – Man Shot the Wrong Shoplifter

  1. C.Murphy May 23, 2022 at 4:55 pm #

    Gentlemen, another excellent show as always. As for that backyard shooting in Minneapolis that started off with warning shots by the Mother and her Son? First off, I am NOT an attorney, while I agree it appears to be justified self-defense at the time of the fatal shot at the intruder, I’m pretty sure those “warning shots” in the state of Minnesota would be deemed illegal. You guys brought up several good points as to why warning shots are a bad idea, but additionally the intruder was out of sight, in the detached garage, when they fired off those multiple warning shots…he posed no physical threat, nor could they even see him (he was in another building). That action was simply reckless. It’s not until they were directly threatened “…with great bodily harm or death” that they became justified. Lucky a prosecutor isn’t spinning their actions (prior to the fatal shot) and still bringing charges.

    Every one of us firearm owners need to listen to these stories so we can continue to learn and understand both the legal and tactical aspects of what you guys discuss. keep up the good work!

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