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Episode 50: Should Training be Required


Topic: Should there be government required minimum training in order to own a firearm, operate a firearm, or carry it concealed or openly in public? This is a more complex question than first meets the eye… often made muddy by instructors who have a financial incentive to require training. Listen to Riley and Jacob hash through the various arguments for and against legally requiring firearm training for gun owners.

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Today’s episode is sponsored by the SIRT Laser Training Gun by Next Level Training. Since 2015 the NRA has been endorsing Laser Simulated Training with the SIRT. Training with your real gun at the range is important but by itself, it is setting you up to fail. To be fully prepared for a deadly encounter you need a tool like the SIRT to fill the gaps in your firearm training plan. The SIRT will save on ammunition while giving the feel of a real handgun. So you know just what you’re getting ready for, in a safe and simple style of training. Check out the SIRT on our online store here.

Pick of the Week


Yellow = No Training Required to get permit
Green = Classroom Training Suffices
Blue = Training which includes Live Fire
Orange = Varies by county

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2 Responses to Episode 50: Should Training be Required

  1. Mr. Green September 9, 2016 at 3:01 am #

    Arizona doesn’t require CCW for concealed carry, nor permits for open carry, or firearm purchase. It would be more accurate map to indicate if training is required for permit but also if the permit is required.

  2. martin September 14, 2016 at 10:15 am #

    yes, to drive a car you need training, to operate a computer you need training , you should have full knowledge of a weapon ! no excuses !

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