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The Czech Republic Files Lawsuit against New European Union Directive Restricting Firearms Possession

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Here at Concealed Carry Inc. the stories we cover are heavily weighted towards the United States. Now, while much of our business is done here and many of the stories we cover affect citizens of the U.S. from time to time there is a story from outside of our borders begging to be addressed. The Czech Republic just played host to a story like this.

Back on March 14 of this year the European Union’s Parliament voted 491-178 to amend the EU Firearms Directive quite heavily including altering the current firearm licensing categories, requiring additional qualifications for gun owner licensing, imposing additional marking and registration requirements, and quantifying short firearms which allow the firing of more than 21 rounds without reloading, if a loading device with a capacity exceeding 20 rounds is part of that firearm; or a detachable loading device with a capacity exceeding 20 rounds is inserted into it as a “Category A” or prohibited firearm.

Also added to the list of prohibited firearms are any long firearms which allow the firing of more than 11 rounds without reloading, if: a loading device with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds is part of that firearm; or a detachable loading device with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds is inserted into it.

While many European nations seem to be okay with these stringent new gun control regulations in the name of stopping terrorism, The Czech Republic, who certainly has its own history standing up to highly regulatory Unions has said that this directive has gone too far.

On Wednesday, August 9, Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec stated in a press conference that a complaint had been filed with the European Court of Justice regarding the EU’s directive. Chovanec stated the following …

“We have turned to the European Court of Justice with the request that this directive be scrapped, postponed or that certain states, primarily the Czech Republic, can get exemptions from it on the grounds that it is discriminatory. Unfortunately there is no suspensive effect, it would be nice if we could wait for the verdict before having to implement it.”

Chovanec has stated that these regulations could affect up to 300,000 gun permit holders currently in the Czech Republic. People that have these firearms for personal protection, hunting, and other purposes that could soon be criminals in the eyes of the EU’s new law, just for owning these firearms.

Chovanec has also stated that he opposes these measures because he is worried that it may bring about a black market trade of firearms to the Czech Republic.

Now, the directive has passed through the parliament and as of June 13th it went into effect in all EU nations. However, the EU has allowed 15 months to implement these new rules and The Czech Republic is hoping to make some headway in the courts before that time limit runs out.

So for our European readers or Americans with family or friends in Europe, make sure to send your support in any way that you can to those in the Czech Republic standing up against these immense gun control regulations being pushed on them.

What do you think the United States’ founding fathers would have said about these new directives the EU is releasing? What do you yourself think about these gun laws? Let us know in the comments below.

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