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SHOT Show 2021, Down but Not Out

I have to admit that one of my favorite (as well as least favorite) times of each year for about seven years now is our industry's biggest trade show, known as the SHOT Show.

Every year about halfway through the month of January most of the industry's makers, buyers, and media pros (like us) get together under one roof to celebrate all the new products coming out.

It's my favorite show because I get to see all of my old friends that I only get to see once per year and play with a lot of goodies, but my least favorite time of year because traveling sucks and we all always get the SHOT Show Crud.

Last time I got it I had a cough I couldn't shake for about a month.

I don't think any of us were all that surprised when it was cancelled due to the never ending cough floating around from one set of lungs to the next, but I think most of us were disappointed. Well, I just got word that it's not completely cancelled. Maybe I'm late in getting this news, but I was just perusing the NSSF's website where they have announced SHOT Show on Demand.

Here is a part of the announcement page:

  • Searchable online directory of exhibitors and their products

  • New Product Gallery

  • Schedule Appointments: Attendees will have the ability to schedule virtual meetings with you during SHOT Week and communicate through private messages. Exhibitors will also have the option to disable the appointment feature if not interested.

  • Digital Press Kits: Promote your products to SHOT Show media with exclusive year-round access that is only provided to members of the press. Media will have the ability to search the site year-round looking for products and companies to cover.

  • Connect with Media: Add press releases and host virtual press conferences that will be promoted to the media.

  • Digital Promotion: SHOT Show will be sending SHOT Daily newsletters and highlighting other publications throughout SHOT Week, as well as issuing SHOT Show Blasts leading up to and during the week, which will further drive interest and attendees to the SHOT Show On Demand platform.

  • On TV: SHOT Show has partnered with Outdoor Sportsman Group to provide “live” coverage on Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel-as well as on OSG’s websites and social media-throughout SHOT Week.

  • Radio Interviews: Our popular “Radio Row” at the show will be going virtual this year, with opportunities for exhibitors to appear on a number of gun-friendly and conservative radio talk shows during the week.

What this means for us, because I know a lot of you have come to expect us to cover the show floor, is that we will still be covering some of this stuff. Now, I have no clue what this looks like currently because we've never done a distance SHOT Show before.

However, any new products that are due to come out that are concealed carry related will certainly be covered by me, and I plan to ask the podcast crew to have on special guests during that week who are people we'd usually have on the podcast while we're out in Vegas for the show.

And of course, we are hearing of private events that will be taking place throughout the year and I'm sure we'll be doing our best to make it out to those as well.

Stay tuned as these things roll out and we do our very best to navigate them to bring you the latest news and new concealed carry products. Leave your thoughts on this in the comments below.


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