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NRAAM Day One, In A Few Pictures

We are in full swing at the NRA's Annual Meetings here in sunny Dallas, Texas. As I walked around the show floor a bit yesterday, I figured I'd try to share some of the new products that we got a chance to see, even though we are far from done with the show, and our podcasts are just going to be getting started.

Here are some nice 1911 pistols from Carolina Arms Group.

Brand new to the market from Blackhawk! is their new line of leather holsters, meant to mimic the look of plastic. These new holsters are called MBOSS, and according to what the rep told me at the booth, they pulled some of the design features from their Omnivore holster. 

Day one is a little slower than the rest of the weekend, and I was able to get these photos from the top of the stairs, looking into the big room. Today we are going to be busy, as everyone comes in for the second day when they can get off work.

This is apparently a holster that came out back in the 90s, and I'm just now getting around to seeing it. There is another holster company that seems to have taken some elements from this one, but I won't say any names. The principle, is that the gun and holster sits below the waistband, and you pull up on your phone case to get the gun out. Pretty smart.

Of course we got a chance to catch up with Springfield Armory and a few other gun manufacturers on day one,

This was my first time holding S&W's newest addition, and I don't have an opinion on it just yet. I'll wait till I get a chance to fire it for the first time.

This was a bit surprising to me, as Taurus brought out their newest gun, a TH9 and the compact model, TH9c. Opinions reserved until firing again, but that grip has a profile that looks very similar to something else that just came out.

That does it for day one, I'll try to get back on here for a bit tomorrow again to share a few more photos of the newest goodies and self-defense guns to hit the market. Make sure you stay tuned for the Concealed Carry Podcast which will be starting to cover the show, today.

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