Must See! Senator Tells Victims – Just Stay Home

Earlier this month, Arizona Senator and Assistant Minority Leader Lupe Contreras made a comment that was so awful that most wouldn't believe it had they not seen the video.

Arizona Senate Judiciary Hearing on HB2316 —

Before jumping to the video, I want to set the context. The topic of gun rights made its way before the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee as the public had the opportunity to speak on HB 2316. The proposed bill would expand locations where concealed carriers could lawfully carry a handgun to include additional government and public places and events.

A woman called Lauren Snyder from a women's gun rights group called the DC Project testified before the committee. Lauren explained why she supports HB 2316. Here is what she said:

I have had my concealed carry permit for the last 10 years. The reason that I got my concealed carry [permit] is because I've been a victim of sexual assault. I've been a victim of random assault, I've been a victim of domestic abuse. And I refuse to be a victim again. 

I don't carry because I want to harm others. I carry because I don't want to be harmed. My right to defend myself shouldn't change simply because of my physical location. The last time I was assaulted I was in a public space, not allowed to carry my weapon. I was stalked by somebody and he attempted to abduct me, and tried to drag me to his vehicle.

And so because I was respecting the law, and was defenseless, mind you, I'm differently-abled [holds up walking cane] I don't have the privilege of running away and calling the cops and waiting for them to come. I have to defend myself.

I yield the remainder of my time.

Once the public had the opportunity to talk, the Senators on the committee would vote. Then, each Senator has the opportunity to go on the record and explain their vote.

“I don't carry because I want to harm others. I carry because I don't want to be harmed. My right to defend myself shouldn't change simply because of my physical location.”

Senator Contreras insults victims —

When it came to Senator Lupe Contreras, he voted against the bill and said this:

Mr Chair, I've said it many times, I'm a gun owner, I'm a hunter, and I'm a proud Democrat.

I don't need to carry my gun on me at all times to feel safe. I don't. I don't walk around, run around, and drive around worried about, somebody's gonna' shoot me, or somebody's gonna' hurt me, or somebody's gonna' do whatever.

Why even walk around at that point? Stay home behind closed doors.

I'm not gonna' worry, ya can't be worrying about things all the time. I have enough to worry about being in these chambers. I mean, I hate to keep hearing about all this stuff. I mean I understand there's things that happen out in life.

At this, Lauren walks back up to the podium and says nothing.

Ma'am you can sit and stare at me all you like, I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about things in general. And I do have daughters and I do have a wife and I do have a mother. There's a lot of things that happen in this world. But you can't run around scared all the time.

I will say this, people will talk about how being safe, I don't feel that a room full of people everyone with a gun is going to make me feel safer. It's not going to make me feel safer, because people in this world are pretty crazy. They are pretty crazy out there. And you just don't know which one, which one is losing their mind and which one is not. And some of them do come through these doors and into these buildings.

So I mean, I do understand that, yeah, it is a right that we have. But some people, some people just don't have that right. And some people just shouldn't have that right.

Why Contrares is wrong —

As with most narcissists, the Senator makes everything about him. The way he feels is what is most important. If he doesn't feel worried about being assaulted, neither should you.

Senator Contreras' argument is so dumb that he dismantles it as he speaks. He says people shouldn't be walking around scared all the time. Yet he worries that someone that he doesn't approve of might have a right to carry a firearm. He also worries that people are losing their minds all the time, and you never know which person it's gonna be.

Contreras tried to soften his obviously condescending and idiotic words by saying he wasn't addressing Lauren specifically. But listen to HOW he talks to the woman. He doesn't care about her, what she said, or anyone else who doesn't think like him.

The problem is not with Contreras' opposition to the bill. The problem is the reason he is opposed to the bill. Its clear, his opposition is not because of public safety. Its because he doesn't think certain people should have rights. That is the spirit behind his vote.

You can see the entire video below or by following this link. Lauren's testimony begins at the 1hr 17min mark. You can see Sen. Contreras' comments at the 1hr 22min mark.

Do you agree or disagree with what Contreras said? Do you agree with the way he said it? Let him know:

Phone: (602) 926-5284

Email: lc********@az***.gov

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  1. Crevis B on April 1, 2022 at 8:35 am

    I sent this email to him.

    I just watched your explanation of voting against hb2316 and I am fully convinced that you have lost touch with the reality that we common folk live. Your explanation shows how YOU feel when you should be think of the best interest of the people that you represent.  Period. Step down and let a more qualified person take your place.  

    Sincerely One Of The People

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