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Check Out The New SIRT Training Knife

If you've ever had to do any kind of training with a knife or have ever learned how to defend yourself from a knife-wielding attacker, you know that the training options aren't all that great. There is only so much you can do with a plastic or wooden knife because you can still hurt your training partner pretty bad, or risk not training properly because you can't actually strike your opponent with a full force stab.

Getting poked with pointy objects no matter what they're made of or if they penetrate or not can suck big time, leave bruises, and may even break bones if used hard enough. Thankfully, our friends over at Next Level Training have recently developed a training tool that can be used for training like this, an often overlooked aspect of self-defense.

Many of today's self-defense encounters involve the use of a knife, and knowing how to respond appropriately so you can get your gun out if you're taken by surprise is one of the most important things you can train for.

SIRT has developed a new training tool that very closely resembles a real knife, but is totally safe for stabbing and slicing your aggressor. Here is a video of Mike showcasing the new SIRT Knife:

As someone who has actually taken knife training in the past, I can say that having a tool like this at your disposal can only be a good thing. In the Marines, we used hard plastic knives that could be brutal if you put a little too much force behind your attack. While it was great for training purposes because it was realistic, you kinda felt bad if the other guy had a piece of plastic the size of a Ka-Bar separate his rib cage a little bit.

The innovation over at Next Level Training seems to be trying to tackle as many of these training conundrums as possible. I'm always looking forward to what they're coming out with next, and am hoping that a bigger knife is in the works, as well, at some point in the near future. Keep up the good work guys.

For more information on the SIRT Knife, check out their website, here.

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