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Meet Sandy – An Old and Obese Woman Who Decided to Not Be A Victim

In this industry I hear a lot of excuses for why people shouldn't own a firearm and engage in concealed carry and self-defense training. Among those excuses there are people who think they are too old or due to other physical barriers they shouldn't engage in firearm related defense. I recently met Sandy and thought her story was inspiring. She introduced herself to me as “an old and obese woman” and I have to admit I've never seen an email like that. She understands a few key things.

aim 1First, Each of us has to be responsible for ourselves. If you don't want to be a victim you need to do something about it.

Second, everyone can help America be greater.

Third, taking a proactive approach to risk reduction has made her happier and more confident.

I connected with Sandy on the phone last week and recorded our “interview” for everyone to hear. You need to hear what she has to say about her age and her personal responsibility. You can listen to it below or via our iTunes podcast.

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