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Episode 135: The History of Self-Defense

Topic: The History of Self-Defense

Today Riley invites Dr. Steve Adams onto the podcast to talk about the history of self-defense. What sort of rights did people have during the Dark Ages and up through Colonial America while still under the rule of King George III? What important role did John Locke and other great philosophers play in shaping the thoughts and ideologies of our Founding Fathers? Was the 2nd Amendment just a convenient idea that made it into the Bill of Rights? Or did it serve a greater and much more intentional purpose? Riley and Dr. Adams break it all down and discuss the influences behind the 2nd Amendment and the right to self-defense. We hope this episode is enjoyable and especially relevant for you on Independence Day! Press ‘PLAY' above to listen now!


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3 Responses to Episode 135: The History of Self-Defense

  1. Steve Bratten July 4, 2017 at 5:16 pm #

    Hey, more info on Dr. Steve Adams! That was a great podcast!

  2. Steve Mendyka July 13, 2017 at 4:25 pm #

    Great podcast. This hits the nail on the head of what the great debate is in our country. They rights of individuals as bestowed on us, not by the government, but by nature or the creator of nature. Society, organizations, governments, businesses do not have rights. Individuals do.

    We are now fighting a war of culture about these rights and the only way to win this war is through education. This podcast does a lot to educate people on what we as individuals are allowed to do based on nothing more than the fact we are individuals. As stated in the beginning of the podcast, there is risk of mistakes and failure in everything we do because we are flawed humans. We cannot ever eliminate these risks nor should we try. We should allow individuals to make the decisions about what risks they do and do not take. And, individuals should not be able to make those decisions for others.

    Keep educating us. I have shared this podcast with several people already. Hopefully it will help educate our populace.

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