What to do With Autocrats Like Michelle Lujan Grisham?

New Mexico Governess Michelle Lujan Grisham did something exceptional last week. By going full autocrat, and claiming she would suspend the Second Amendment while declaring a ‘health emergency,' the governess united some of the most ardent anti-gun and pro-gun figures across the country.

governess bans 2a rights

Michelle Lujan Grisham (Twitter/IanJaeger29)

Autocrat Governess Michelle Lujan Grisham-

In an address, Governess Michelle Lujan Grisham—who I think deserves a cool moniker like MLG—stated that she would suspend New Mexican citizens' rights to carry a firearm, period. In her edict, she declared that for at least the next 30-days, it would be a crime to carry a firearm openly or concealed even if you had a state-issued concealed carry permit. But what's the justification for such an outlandish statement?

MLG claimed a state of emergency over “gun violence” in New Mexico. Even with a “C+” rating from gun-control advocate Giffords.org, on the state's existing gun law, MLG says …”the time for standard measures has passed”.

As I said yesterday, the time for standard measures has passed, And when New Mexicans are afraid to be in crowds, to take their kids to school, to leave a baseball game—when their very right to exist is threatened by the prospect of violence at every turn—something is very wrong. 

-Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham

During the COVID madness, government officials got very comfortable in suspending constitutionally protected rights at their whim. The power to shut down people's ability to move about freely, visit dying relatives, worship God corporately and refuse to inject a dangerous substance into their bodies intoxicated some leaders so much that they no longer attempt to hide their tyrannical inclinations. All they had to do was claim a ‘state of emergency' and poof, you're a subject rather than a citizen.

For the first go around, many people went along with this lunacy, and officials got away with it. Now some realize the error of giving the government unchecked power, and have joined with those who refused to consume blindly what the media and governments fed them.

Grisham Gets Pushback For Overreach-

MLG's attempt to usurp the Second Amendment drew criticism from anti-gun superheros like David Hogg, and CA Rep. Ted Lieu. Both figures spoke up against the order on X, as seen below.

Instead of reflecting on an almost universal rebuke of her plan, the governess unsurprisingly replied with self-righteousness indignation,


Do Criminals Give a Rip About The Order?

Of course they don't.

It's almost impossible to believe that MLG really believes she has the right to suspend the Second Amendment because of criminal activity. Yet she has no problem attempting it. What isn't surprising is that a public official would use criminal behavior as a justification to take away the gun rights of law-abiding citizens. In her address, MLG even admitted that criminals would not follow her ban on carrying a firearm.

In the conference, the governess says some astoundingly unimpressive stuff, but here is a segment where she admits that this action won't influence criminals using firearms in their crimes.

It seems MLG knows this is unconstitutional, and won't do a single thing to stop criminals. She is right, but that's not all. This type of idiocy puts law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage and makes them helpless against criminals who assuredly are not leaving their guns at home to comply with the order.

Already, NM citizens are filing court challenges and there is not a doubt that every court will find the MLG's order unconstitutional, and she knows this! Autocrats like her don't really care about winning in the moment. They have the long game in mind. Narcissist leaders get joy from exercising their power and using the system to punish and harass the common folk is as entertaining as it gets for them. Perhaps reviving things like gladiator matches and encouraging wild animals to tear apart her political dissidents would help her feel more accomplished and satisfied.

What To Do With Officials Who Purposefully Violate the Constitution?

So what is to be done with officials who so blatantly abuse the authority the public entrusted them with? I'm not a resident of New Mexico, but if I were, I would be involved with any organization mobilizing pressure on every elected official to start impeachment proceedings against the governess. Free citizens can not tolerate autocratic behavior like this. Constituents must remove from power officials who purposefully and openly violate their rights. For if people like Michelle Lujan Grisham do these things openly, imagine what they are doing out of view!

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  1. saint on September 12, 2023 at 8:37 pm

    Like Doc Holliday her hypocrisy knows no bounds, she’s a killer and the blood of the innocent law abiding Americans is on her hands. She’s a liar and a thief who stole an office by taking an Oath, remove her.

  2. Clark Kent on September 19, 2023 at 11:04 pm

    Due to the Dumbocrats total control of both the House and Senate in New Mexico, she will face neither impeachment nor arrest. And I am not sure if New Mexico has a provision for ‘constituents’ to remove a sitting governor from office. Mass non-compliance is the only way for New Mexico citizens to express their rejection of such unconstitutional edicts and their disapproval of those who issue same.

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