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SCOTUS Confirms 2nd Amendment Rights Won’t Be Stripped From Those Who Commit Non-Violent Misdemeanors

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This week the Supreme Court received a case that echoed a story that our Colorado Concealed Carry website covered just a few weeks ago. The story involved a man submitting an appeal to the 10th Circuit Court regarding his second amendment rights being taken away after receiving a misdemeanor offense. Well, due to other cases being brought up around the country the court decided to issue its opinion on the matter.

On Monday, the Court was in the process of issuing decisions on which cases to hear in session and which to decline appeals to. One of these cases was Binderup v. the U.S. Attorney General and Suarez v. the U.S. Attorney General. A case just received from the 3rd Circuit Court in Pennsylvania regarding Daniel Binderup and his case from all the way back in 1996 in which Binderup's guns were taken from him after he was convicted of the misdemeanor offense of corrupting a minor, as he was dating a 17-year-old girl at the time of his arrest. A crime in which he received a $300 fine as well as three years' probation.

However, because of this conviction, Binderup's guns were seized from him and his right to own them had been suspended since 1996. That is until last September in which the Third Circuit Court issued an 8-7 decision that would grant Binderup his guns back. However, during the last administration's time in office, then Attorney General Loretta Lynch believed that Binderup should still have his second amendment rights restrained from him. Leading to the assumed Supreme Court battle.

But as Monday came and went and the Court's choices for cases to take or not to take went along, this case reached the justices' desks, they decided to simply not take the case and uphold the Third Circuit's decision. Granting Mr. Binderup his right to bear arms once again.


But what does this mean for further cases? What of the 10th Circuit Court case that was mentioned on Colorado's Concealed Carry site? Well, while this case differs from that which hit the 10th, it is a perfect precedent to set for gun owners as they now know that cases like these will likely either get amended in their favor in Circuit Court or if it even gets to the highest court in the land, they will know that they have their best interests at heart.

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