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Recent DGU Stories From Around The Nation

Every so often we like to highlight some of the recent defensive gun use stories that have happened from around the country. In doing so, we bring light to the fact that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy from committing a heinous act of violence.

These are stories that have been written by Brian, who is the only one who handles them from our team, as he publishes a couple each day across all of the different state-specific websites we own.

For example, I'm in North Carolina, and my specific site for my home state is All you've got to do is type your state, followed by the into your browser, and it'll pop up.

Some states have more defensive gun uses in them than others do, just because of the nature of that state. Let's get started:

The first story takes place in Smith County, Texas. All's well that ends well, but I likely would have done some things differently on this one. We always recommend to NOT fire into the air, or fire warning shots at a criminal. But, this is Texas, so …

The homeowner fired his gun into the air several times, causing the suspects to flee on foot. While the suspects' getaway vehicle drove to where they had all fled down a dead-end road, the homeowner went inside and called 911 to report the attempted burglary.

While still on the phone with 911 dispatchers, the victim went back outside where he met with his neighbor who had also armed himself. The two were discussing the incident when getaway vehicle returned, driving at them with a high rate of speed and the head lights still dead.

This next story shows the importance of not only being armed, but having a personal medical kit on you in case you need to save someone's life:

With Milam bleeding profusely from his leg wound, those trying to help him used a belt as a tourniquet to in an attempt to stop the blood loss. But the location of the wound and the ineffectiveness of belts as tourniquets prevented any positive benefit.

Out of Highland Park, Michigan, comes a burglary where a business owner empties his magazine on the bad guy–which leads me to point out that it's rarely a good idea to use more force than is needed to stop a threat.

I'm not saying he shouldn't have unloaded his entire mag on the burglar because I wasn't there. It may well be justified. But, history has shown that it may be unreasonable to some jury members if it ever gets that far. Here's the snippet:

After the suspect moved on to begin robbing a customer, the owner of the restaurant saw he was distracted and used the opportunity to pull out the .40 caliber Glock he is licensed to carry concealed and opened fire. He emptied his magazine at the suspect, who police say did not have the chance to return fire and died at the scene.

Finally in Sturgis, South Dakota a man was shot and killed after walking into and refusing to leave a home. The people in this story made multiple mistakes, starting with:

The homeowner then told police they had gone outside to yell at Flagler in an attempt to scare him away. Instead Flagler walked into the unlocked home and refused to leave despite warnings from the occupants.

After he attempted to approach the homeowners, Flagler was shot in the chest with a small caliber revolver. He was rushed to Sturgis Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Make sure you're checking the specific website we've got for the state you live in, as shown in the above text, today.

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