Walther Releases PDP-F Series Semi Auto Pistol for Females

Walther's PDP is a popular everyday carry (EDC) semi-automatic handgun for concealed carry. Now this handgun is available in a new series, designed with female shooters in mind. Let's see that Walther did to make the PDP-F line appealing to female shooters.

Well-known shooter Tatiana Whitlock said this about the PDP-F series:

The F-Series is the solution women shooters have asked for, for years. Walther engineered a handgun based on our hands, with our feedback, to create a function and fit unmatched in the marketplace. Pair a woman with a firearm engineered for her and she is formidable at first shot.

semi auto handgun for women Walther PDP-F

Features of the new Walther PDP-F Series Handgun —

To start, I think the PDP is a well-designed pistol, quite suitable for concealed carry. So I'll say that when I heard Walther made a female version of the PDP handgun; I cringed slightly. In the past, manufacturers took a good 9mm handgun, make a .380 version, paint it pink and call it the perfect gun for females. Would this be just like those “female guns” of the past?

I was relieved to see the gun remained black. That is a good start, but what changed from the PDP to the PDP-F series?

Performance Duty Trigger —

The first notable change is the “performance duty trigger.” Walther moved the trigger rearward, which allows the index finger of those with smaller hands to reach the trigger. Walther says trigger finger placement is a “key to accurate shooting.” How important trigger finger placement is in accuracy is debatable, as long as the finger can actually reach the trigger. However, as someone with smaller hands, I prefer a gun that my index finger naturally rests on the trigger with good contact.

In addition, Walther shortened the triggers travel and designed it to have a more defined and recognizable break.

Superterrain Slide Serrations —

Next, Walther incorporated enhanced slide serrations. Cutting the slide in certain ways and locations provides a place to grip while handling the gun. Serrations can make racking the slide easier. Walther calls these enhanced serrations “Superterrain Serrations.”

Instead of cutting serrations into the slide, Walther added these Superterrain Serrations to the slide for more grip. I’m a fan of aggressive slide serrations.

Easier-to-rack-Slide —

Racking the semi-auto slide can be a problem. Walther says they reduced the force necessary to rack the slide by 20%. I think this is a good move, not only for women, but for many people who lack hand strength. Perhaps Walther saw the success that Smith and Wesson had with the EZ version of their shield handgun. The reduced force necessary to rack the EZ appealed to many gun owners.

Performance Duty Grip Texture —

Speaking of enhancing grip, Walther uses a “Performance Duty Texture” on the pistol’s grip. If there is one thing that I find, nearly every manufacturer fails on, is getting the right amount of texture on the grip. I am a fan of more texture, as it helps maintain control of the gun.

However, the flip side is that when carried inside the waistband (IWB), a gun with aggressive grip texture can rub against the skin and become uncomfortable. Walther says the new texture is

Reduced Grip Circumference —

Typically, women have smaller hands than men. Obviously, this is a generalization. I, for one, have smaller than average hands and I am quite certain I’m still a man. The PDP-F’s grip circumference is smaller than the standard PDP. This makes a world of difference in how the gun feels in your hand. It also allows the shooter to reach the magazine release, slide stop etc. without breaking their grip as much.

I’m on board with a reduced grip circumference and think women will appreciate it too.

Now, to be fair, I have not shot the PDP-F, so all I can do is report on what Walther says about the new model. However, if it has the same reliability as the original PDP, I think it’s a fantastic option for concealed carry. And not just for women. With all the enhancements, I don’t see this as a gun just for females.

Specifications —

Below are the PDP-F series 3.5 inch, and 4 inch specifications.

So there you have it. Will the new PDP-F handgun become your new everyday carry gun?

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  1. Larry Gibson on May 3, 2022 at 1:39 pm

    Well you are about 3 plus years behind S&W but glad the ladies and elder,and folks with hand issues have another choice walther is a great company in best state in the U S

    • Matthew Maruster on May 3, 2022 at 4:31 pm

      And a choice without the awful grip safety. That’s a win!

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