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[VIDEO] Concealment Solutions Cobra Holster Review


I usually like to carry my guns inside the waistband (IWB) because of the way I'm built. And, my main position for carrying is actually appendix inside the waistband (which is in the front and also known as AIWB). I do understand, however, that not everyone carries this way which is why I do many different types of holster reviews.

This particular one is an OWB (outside the waistband) holster that's made out of Kydex. One of the main benefits to this type of setup is that it allows firearms to still be concealed while generally offering more comfort for the wearer.

The main drawback to this type of concealment holster is that while they can still hide your gun under your shirt, they don't conceal nearly as well as an IWB or AIWB.

I have worn outside the waistband under a few different circumstances because sometimes they just make more sense.

OWB holsters are inherently more comfortable because the gun is not directly against the body. For those who have the ability to wear a jacket or maybe a loose-fitting cover shirt, OWB holsters are a great option.

A while back I was in the market for a new outside the waist setup and decided to check out a company by the name of Concealment Solutions. These guys make several different styles of holster, but the one I tested is their ‘Cobra’ model.

I liked the quality and thickness of the Kydex sheet they used to form it and my Glock 27 fit nicely inside with a positive ‘click’ when I slid my gun in it. It covers the trigger guard really well, and the holster was curved nicely to make it hug close to the body.

I find that this curve (which you can see better in my review video below) is really important for an OWB holster. The main reason why is because it can really help in concealment as it shapes the holster and gun into your body a bit better.

The fasteners, or clips, are what I really liked about the holster. They are not traditional ‘loop’ style fasteners, nor are they your traditional style holster clips.

They work by sliding over top of the belt, on either side and kind of ‘sandwiching’ the belt in the middle. This makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze, which anyone who wears a holster with belt loops knows is a pain.

Surprisingly, the retention of the belt clips is super strong. Initially, this was a concern of mine because the last thing you want is the holster coming off with the gun when you draw. In a defensive situation that could spell disaster.

I had no concerns that this would happen once I tested this out over and over again. Concealment Solutions prices are comparable to other holster manufacturers, and they offer a great warranty. All in all, you can’t go wrong with these holsters.

You can learn more about them, Here.

Finally, if you're in the market for a new holster, be sure to check out our selection from multiple different manufacturers, here.

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