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The End of Slide-Bite. Grip Force Adapters [VIDEO REVIEW]

If you own a semi-automatic handgun and have ever had a ‘slide bite' you know they are not fun.  What is a ‘slide bite'?  This is the term we use to describe the resulting injury from the hand being too high up on the grip of the semi-automatic pistol.  When the slide cycles to the rear, it scrapes the top of the hand, usually taking a good chunk (or chunks) of skin with it.  This is more than just a painful experience.  It could potentially cause a stoppage in a life and death incident.

The slide-bite often happens to new shooters who do not have a proper grip on their firearm.  It can also happen to shooters who have practiced mostly dSIG_220BR5-45TASSUPuring controlled, non-stressful drills and shoots.  While teaching my advanced handgun classes, I often see it happen to those who have been shooting for a while and have an established solid grip, yet when running drills that require quick presentation from unorthodox positions or off handed grips they suffer a slide bite.  This is because if someone has never really practiced these positions, and offhanded grips and try to run through them under stress, the hand has no reference point to go to on the grip.  That muscle memory is not there and the hand can end up being a little too high on the backstop of the gun.Some guns are better suited to prevent this, because of their design.  Mainly, firearms with a large, extended ‘beavertail'.  The beavertail is the extended portion at the top of the backstop that prevents your hand from sliding up and interfering with the slide.  Due to its design, the Glock pistol can lead to slide-bite if not gripped properly.  From the factory, Glock pistols do not have a large beavertail, compared to other semi-automatics.  A company by the name of Grip Force Adapters out of Cleveland, Ohio has come up with a solution to this.  The adapters fit all generations of Glock pistols 1-4.  They come in a couple sizes and are easy to install.

Here is my Video Review of the Grip Force Adapter:

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Think of the Grip Force Adapter as an interchangeable backstrap, similar to what the generation 4 Glocks and some other firearms come with, but with a pronounced extended beavertail.  This eliminaIMG_5939tes the possibility of a slide-bite, and also slightly changes the grip angle.  The traditional Glock grip angle is decreased slightly.  This probably is something most shooters will not notice.  But for those of you who have been solely shooting Glocks for a long time, you may notice a slight change in grip angle.  This angle is supposed to allow for better control of the firearm for follow up shots by placing the hand slightly higher on the backstrap.  It definitely is advisable to get the hand as high on the backstrap as you can when shooting any firearm to aid in stability so this could definitely help in that regard.

The installation is simple and requires nothing more than a punch tool to take down the rear trigger pin.  There are a lot of good instructional videos and information on the company website.  The grip can be installed just by replacing the pin and clipping the adapter over the grip.  Or it can be installed semi-permanently by using some silicone adhesive along with the pin.  I found the grip to be very stable even without the adhesive, but for an every day carry gun, I would recommend using the adhesive to ensure it could never move no matter what the conditions.  The package comes with 2 sets of small and large adapters for a total of 4 and 6 extended pins to replace the rear trigger pin.  I found the texture on the adapters to be pretty aggressive.  I am used to more subtle textured grips, so I used an emory board to knock off just a touch of the aggressiveness, which made it feel perfect for me.

Overall I liked the Grip Force Adapter and found the extended beavertail to be quite comfortable.  As far as the changed grip angle, it took some time to feel it out but after a little bit of dry fire I was good with it.  The price point is good and the quality is really high.  These are not cheap plastic adapters, but precisely molded adapters that fit like a glove.  If you are interested in these, you can get more information on their web page by clicking here.

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