New, Versatile CCI PIQ Target – Multi Use, Decision Making

Our Director of Training, Riley Bowman, has been hard at work designing a versatile target you can use at the range. Well, it's finally here. We started with a “soft release” because we wanted to get feedback from users on just how a target like this makes shooting more enjoyable and lets you measure your abilities.

Our initial release sold out almost immediately!

Now we've got them back in the warehouse and available for everyone!!

Without further adieu, here they are!

The CCI PIQ Target —cci piq shooting target

The PIQ Target is an innovative approach to the multi-use target concept with multiple target zones that allow for, but are not limited to:

  • draw practice
  • Bill drills
  • transition drills
  • throttle control drills
  • traditional bullseye shooting
  • F.A.S.Test
  • Handgun Combatives 2x2x2 standard
  • the Jack Wilson test
  • El Presidente

and more!

These targets are appropriate for any drills that require a USPSA or IDPA target. The CCI PIQ targets have applicable “A-zones” in the body and head, along with 4 and 8-inch circles in the head and body.

Use your imagination and see what you can come up with as well! These get printed on “buff” (tan) target paper in the USA.

Target size: 22.5″ x 35″

Feedback on the PIQ Target —

You will love training with this target!

PIQ multi use target

Here is what a couple of fellow firearm enthusiasts had to say:

I had the great luck to be among the first to shoot the Pistol IQ target and it is now the main target I use in my own training. The versatility of the target design is truly impressive. I cannot recommend them enough.These targets are some of, if not, the best you can buy for any level shooter. Very bold claim, but for targets to have every necessary drill available for any level shooter is fantastic, effective, and very easy to read. There's a silhouette target with clear Alpha, Charlie, and Delta zones marked, but other lines for easy drill accessing such as FAST, The Test, and much more. Anything from 2 A-zones to diagnose transitions to differing size A-zones to compare differing size targets. This is a target that is amazing not only for live fire, but dry as well and I will be purchasing as many as I can.

Get your CCI PIQ Targets by clicking here.

We designed the CCI PIQ Target to optimize the number of exercises and drills you can run while also giving you the highest number of target zones possible so you can get more use out of the target and save money!

Get your CCI PIQ Targets by clicking here.

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