Pig Lube: Made With Real Pig

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Pig Lube is new on the market having only been released in January, 2017, but threatens the competition by bringing a quality, but fun, product to the firearm industry.

The concept for Pig Lube started as the founders were coming back from a hog hunt in Texas and began discussing if pig grease would make for an acceptable firearm lubricant.

When they returned home, they began experimenting with synthesizing the oil obtained from pigs. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the product is just bottled bacon grease.

It's a highly scientific and complicated process which includes industrial homogenizer machines used by “… pharmaceutical companies to permanently blend oils in water bases.” According to the Pig Lube website.

The lubricant uses “Nano Particle Technology” which resemble microscopic ball bearings to help your firearm’s slide and bolt glide smoothly over surfaces, and help limit wear and tear. The carrier of Pig Lube is a high-grade synthetic oil used in Ferrari Formula One racing teams.

The recipe for Pig Lube was designed to ensure weapons function reliably in adverse weather conditions with temperatures, “… well below zero degrees,” but also function in high temperatures generated during sustained machine gun fire.

Pig Lube developers tested the gun oil “… in a full auto M16 running 100 round drum mags back to back until we ran out of ammo and nearly burned through a pair of gloves.”

One of the most innovative, and perhaps most aggravatingly (why didn’t I think of that) simple details, is the applicator which uses a similar design to that used in lip gloss.

This ensures the perfect amount of lube is evenly distributed to only those areas where you want lubricant, and eliminates drips and spills.

If you are wondering “Pig Lube is made from pig fat, does it smell like bacon?” then you will be pleased to know that yes, yes it does.

If becoming ravenously hungry while cleaning your guns is not an option for you, Pig Lube is also offered unscented.

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