We’ve Acquired KSG Armory–An Offer To Celebrate With Us

For quite some time now, our company has thought about manufacturing our own line of holsters. Recently, God blessed us with an opportunity to acquire a holster company called KSG Armory. While it may not be the most well-known company on social media, KSG Armory has been around for years. Founder Gabe New's thoughtfully designed holsters, along with quality manufacturing and components, made KSG Armory holsters an easy choice for many in the industry.

Celebrating The KSG Armory Acquisition—

We are excited to announce this acquisition because of the potential to build on the great foundation Gabe laid with KSG Armory. In planning for the announcement, we wanted to come up with a way to include our customers in the excitement. So we have an offer that is, frankly, hard to refuse.

Get to Know KSG Armory Products–

First, we just want you to head over to the KSG Armory website and check out the product line. We have several lines of holsters that are custom made for an incredible variety of guns. You'll also see that key characteristics of the holsters are customizable. We aren't throwing mass-produced Kydex holsters into a market that is already saturated with these types of holsters.

KSG Armory has a reputation for producing a top-tier holster, and we intend to continue hand crafting your specific holster, the exactly how you want it.

KSG Armory Voucher

There aren't many holster companies that make a holster of the same quality as the ones you'll find on the KSG website. By the time you upgrade the hardware and select your options, you're going to pay over $125.00 on nearly all of these sites.

Take the new holster from KSG called the Lexington for example, which starts at 80 dollars. Even with adding most every upgrade, you won't get over $108 before shipping, unless you choose a custom color.

KSG Armory Holster Voucher Offer

Now for the offer. KSG holsters are already a great value, but until August 11th at midnight MST, we want to offer a bigger discount on the price, and give you a new online training course for free.

How it works is that we are offering a $100 KSG Armory voucher, but you only have to pay 75 dollars. On top of that, we will include for FREE, our new 5+ hour course Holsters, Concealment, and Carry Positions.

We saw, and still see, a huge educational gap in the marketplace relating to concealment and comfort, which, of course, primarily comes down to understanding holsters, holster features, and holster hardware. Our friends who own holster companies see the same gap.

We actually produced the course before acquiring KSG Armory, so don't worry, it isn't a sales pitch to buy a holster. Instead, the course is all about the principles of concealment, comfort, and gun fighting as it relates to holster selection and customization and doesn’t endorse any one product or style of holster.

For the course, we brought in Annette to teach alongside Riley. Evans brings a female perspective and an immense amount of knowledge and experience. You are going to love her insights and tips, which apply both to the men and the ladies.

The course is $45.45 and well worth it when you consider all the money wasted on holsters that just don't cut it.

What is the Catch?

The only catch is that we will only offer it until midnight on August 11th MST. The voucher is good for 6 months, and we won't change prices on any KSG Armory products during that period. So what that means is that your $100 voucher will purchase the same amount of product in 6 months as it does now. That gives you time to check out the information in the course and determine which features you want in your new KSG Armory holster.

You Have Our Guarantee—

We cover your holster voucher purchase with our famous, and standard 60-day, no questions asked refund guarantee. If for any reason you change your mind in the next 60 days, we will happily refund your order and void your vouchers.

And if you redeem your voucher or vouchers and don’t like the holster and want to return it in the first 60 days, we will refund your voucher order no questions asked.

We take care of our customers.


I know this sounds like a sales pitch, and it kinda' is. However, we are really excited about this acquisition and the opportunity to get a high-quality holster in the hands of so many people without breaking the bank. We are sure that when you combine the information in the course, along with the quality holsters, you'll see why we are so pumped up about this.

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    I’m thinking of a IWB holster for a M&P 9mm 2.0 compact optic ready with thumb safety
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