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Have You Made The Switch To A Nylon Gun Belt?

A while back, I wrote an article called ‘Do I Really Need a Concealed Carry Belt'.  In that Article I talked about the importance of having a quality belt to secure your holster and firearm.  Your belt is the piece that will ultimately provide the foundational support to your holster and allow you to comfortably and securely carry your firearm.  I spoke exclusively about traditional leather belts in my that article, and while leather belts are preferred by many people, there has been an ever increasing shift toward nylon belts for concealed carry.  These nylon belts are not the well known riggers style belts.  Those riggers belts are usually thinner, tactical nylon webbing and a single layer in thickness.  The nylon belts being made specifically for concealed carry are constructed much differently.

So I broke down and hung up my traditional leather belt for a while in order to see what all the interest was with these nylon belts.  I received my nylon gun belt from Liberty Gun Belts.  The company makes a few different products and many different styles of gun belts.  I ordered their EDC (every day carry) 1.5″ gun belt with cobra buckle.  This seems to be the most popular, standard belt.  They also make double layer belts and duty belts with velcro backing for under-belts.  Let me describe what I received:

My 1.5″ EDC nylon belt arrived really fast and the customer service was terrific.  They took the time to ensure I ordered the correct size which can be a little tricky if you carry IWB.  The nylon belt is made of the same nylon material underwater dive belts are made of.  I expected to receive a supple nylon riggers type belt. This is not what I received.  This belt is stiff and holds its shape incredibly well.  Trying to pinch or roll the nylon is impossible and it is this rigidness that provides such great support of the holster.  The belt has a 1.5″ cobra belt buckle.  If you are not familiar with the cobra style belt buckle, it makes fastening and releasing the belt extremely fast, and provides an incredible amount of retention.  There are different styles of belts that allow you to have a fixed buckle that does not come off, or a buckle that can come off easily with a velcro tab.  I like the velcro tab so I can make minor adjustments quickly.  Immediately I fell in 6clove with the cobra belt buckle design.  The 1.5″ belt fit through all of my belt loops on my pants, although I did have a couple pairs of shorts that had very small belt loops that although the buckle fit through, I found it faster and easier to remove the buckle and just thread the belt through.  A huge benefit of this belt is that because it clips together the belt does not have to be overlapped through a traditional belt buckle.  If you have noticed that with your thicker leather belts, in the front where the buckle is, will protrude a bit more because there are two layers of leather.  Not with this, and because I carry appendix style, I like the fact that this belt is more streamlined in that area.  Additionally, where the traditional belt has holes spaced 1″ or so apart, these belts can be adjusted to any waist size, not just where the holes line up.

During this process, I decided to change to the 1.5″ EDC nylon belt for Liberty Gun Belts for good.  I just loved how light and streamlined it was, while still providing an unbelievable amount of rigidity.

The stitching of the nylon on these belts is terrific!  I am no fashion icon, but nylon doesn't quite cut it with a suit and tie.  So I still have my nice, thick leather gun belts for these occasions.  But outside of the occasional dress up, this nylon belt has been worn exclusively by me for the last 2 months.  It shows absolutely no wear, sagging or damage, and I carry every day, all day.

The price point of many nylon belts is extremely high, and I can see why many people are skeptical to fork over their hard earned money on something that they might not know a lot about.  In fact, this is one of the reasons (besides be just being somewhat stubborn) that I didn't try one of these belts out sooner.  But, Liberty Gun Belts somehow produces an incredibly well built belt at a price that is below many of the other belt makers, and comparable to your traditional leather belt.  Great product made here in the United States, great customer service, and a great price…you can't go wrong.

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4 Responses to Have You Made The Switch To A Nylon Gun Belt?

  1. Douglas Gerber August 20, 2016 at 9:31 am #

    Well, I just ordered a 1.5″ EDC, velcro in black with a Krytek band and black Cobra 1″ buckle. Got charged an extra $1 because my waist is 40″. Opted to not have the hidden handcuff key. It said the black webbing is extra rigid so we’ll see how that works out. Total cost with $8 shipping was $74. I guess I’ve paid $69 for a leather belt before but I’d be more comfortable if it were $59. Hope it lasts!

  2. Fred R. R Moore June 4, 2017 at 12:55 pm #

    Liberty Gun Belt Nylon Cobra Buckle. Darker Color?
    1.5 inch. Pant Size 48′ Left Hand Holster

    What Size Adjustment Minimum to Max Example 48 inch Belt?

    Sincerely, Fred R. Moore

    • Matthew Maruster June 4, 2017 at 1:16 pm #

      Hi Fred,
      Thanks for the question. I contacted Liberty Gun Belts directly to ensure I was ordering the correct size. I wouldn’t want to steer you in the wrong direction as far as the exact sizing. I am sure if you give them a call and tell them exactly how you plan to set it up, they can get you the perfect size.

    • LibertyGunBelts June 4, 2017 at 9:14 pm #

      Fred, Our No Velcro EDC belt has 8.5″ of adjustment. Order the same size belt as the pant size you wear when you carry. Black dive webbing is the most firm. And Kryptek Typhon is a dark and really popular accent webbing. Thanks!

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