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Gun Vault VS Sports Afield: SA-RV2 & GV MiniVault

Today we once again pair up a set of very comparable products. These side access, spring loaded doors sit atop a lot of night stands in America. GunVault has been making handgun safes for a very long time but Sports Afield has entered the market with an economic but high quality offering. In this Sports Afield VS GunVault matchup we look at the main things that set them apart.

They excel at opening quickly in an emergency and have more things in common than not. Regardless, the customer deserves to know the ins and outs so I take a deep dive in the video. Also I've included a quick summary below the video that you may find helpful.

GunVault MiniVault Standard Advantages:

  • Finger groves makes it easy to find buttons in the dark
  • Also available with Bio-metric lock
  • Opens a tad faster

Learn More or Order the GunVault MiniVault Here

Sports Afield Lightning Single Gun Side Access Vault:

  • Illuminated buttons AND interior
  • MSRP is $30 lower
  • Much larger external and internal dimensions which means it can store more guns/ammo
  • Lifetime warranty (vs a 5 year warranty)

Learn More or Order the Sports Afield Lightning SA-RV2 Here

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One Response to Gun Vault VS Sports Afield: SA-RV2 & GV MiniVault

  1. Kevin Smith June 23, 2019 at 5:28 pm #

    Just bought the Sports Afield version. Only a 3 year warranty, not lifetime. But my GunVault lasted just long enough to outlive its warranty, which was enough for me to buy the Sports Afield. Thanks for posting this and fingers-crossed on my purchase. 🙂

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