Another Unsecured Gun, Another Dead Child

According to WAAF News 48, an 8-year-old child died after suffering a self-inflicted gunshot injury. What makes this tragic death even worse is that it didn’t have to happen. Child Dies From Self-Inflicted Gunshot— News 48 out of Franklin County Alabama reported that last Saturday, two brothers aged 8 and 4 found a handgun in…

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A Fresh Look At Marijuana and Gun Ownership

marijuana and guns

UPDATE on February 6, 2023 : Federal Judge—Law Barring Marijuana Users From Owning Firearm is Unconstitutional Last month I covered a news story in which a child unintentionally shot and killed himself while he was in the car with his mother and sibling. Since then, I learned of some additional information that, at the time,…

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Tragedy: 4-Year Old Dies From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

self inflicted gunshot

Today, a man and woman are in jail after their 4-year old child died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head yesterday. How did this tragedy happen, and was there anything the couple could have done differently so that their child would still be alive? We Believe Our Mission is Important: Our company’s mission…

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Why You Shouldn’t Keep the Gun On the Night Stand

Your firearm storage plans in your home need to revolve around gun safes. When a firearm is properly stored in a gun safe it is secure against various dangers including burglars and little children. Quality gun safes also protect the contents from flood and fire. Many gun safes can be opened quickly and stored in places where one would feel they need emergency access to the firearm.

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