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SHOP Talk: Stance

Is there such a thing as shooter's stance? To some degree there may be, but in this episode of SHOP Talk, Riley shows you a better way of thinking about it than just having the proper shooter's stance that we've all been taught to have.

Weaver? Isosceles? Something you've seen on the big screen?

The truth of the matter, is that your “shooting stance” needs to be more fluid than that set in stone way you stand, each time you shoot your gun. And what I mean by that, is that the chances of you actually being able to get into your isosceles stance when you need to defend yourself are very slim.

Instead, what's likely to happen, is that you need to kneel or shoot from around cover. Maybe you're in the prone position unable to make it to safety, but with your gun drawn so you can shoot to defend yourself if needed.

Riley talks about a shooter's platform in this episode of SHOP Talk and it's a very important concept to understand. From one position of defense to another, certain things about your platform need to stay the same.

That way it won't matter if you're prone, supine, kneeling, sitting, or standing in your preferred “shooter's stance.”

What is this platform? I'm not one to steal anyone's thunder, so I urge you to watch the video, here:

Finally, he spoke about grip a bit in this video, and figured I'd let you know about a short training we offer for ONE dollar.

This training is taught by Top Shot contestant and SIRT training pistol inventor Mike Hughes. It is solid, presents great info from one of the top shooters in the country, and again is only 1$.

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Let us know your thoughts on grip or shooter's stance in the comments below.

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