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Guardian Nation Live With Chris Cerino

Here we go again with another Guardian Nation Live Broadcast, this time around with Chris Cerino. I recently had the chance to take a combat pistol class from Cerino and can say that he drops gold nugget after gold nugget of knowledge.

How do you know Chris Cerino? Well, for starters, he's a two time runner up on History Channel's Top Shot, but more than that, he's an excellent shooter, and top notch shooting mentor.

I wrote up a review of that combat pistol class, in case you're wondering what it was all about. Give it a read and then come back here to learn more about the GN Live Broadcast.

Riley and I also had the chance to talk to him in a recent podcast episode, which you can listen to here:

Here's the deal, though. This GN Live Broadcast, which is often hailed by our members as one of the best benefits of membership is only open to Guardian Nation members. The good news is that there is still time to join if you want to see first hand how good these broadcasts are where the viewers get the chance to ask our special guests questions.

The broadcast will take place, live, at 7 PM Mountain (that's 9 pm for you easterners like me), on December 20th.

There are other benefits of joining, as well, because we want to make sure you get all you can out of it. Here are some more of the benefits:

  • Quarterly gear box filled with tactical goodness
  • Access to the shooter skills video library
  • Access to all past GN Live Broadcasts with people like Rob Leatham, James Yaeger, Chris Cheng, and others
  • Instant discounts on everything we sell
  • Access to our twice/year HUGE sales where we actually lose money
  • And much more

You can learn more about becoming a member of Guardian Nation, here. Join the thousands of others who are members, to take your skills up an extra notch, today. Here's the link, again:

Guardian Nation

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