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Articles and updates about concealed carry and other firearm related law around the country. Reciprocity, bans, legislation, dealing with law enforcement, attorneys and much more for American gun owners.

Basic Handgun Concealed Carry

North Carolina Concealed Carry Permits Recognized by Nevada

As we often advise our readers, concealed carry license reciprocity often changes. It is always best practice to check and see if the state you’re traveling to or through honors your permit before heading out. Illustrating this point is a recent change to Nevada’s reciprocity list. Starting July 1st, 2022, Nevada again honors concealed carry […]

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constitutional convention

Independence Day Holiday and The Second Amendment

As in years past, as Independence Day, AKA the July 4th holiday draws near, I ponder the founding fathers’ intention when they penned the Bill of Rights. The ever-important document which, among other things, protects the basic and inherent rights of Americans to speak freely, follow any religion, and the bear arms. The 4th of […]

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