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Gun gear reviews about guns, holsters, safety gear, targets, and much more. Learn about the latest and greatest toys for American firearm owners.


Colt’s King Cobra

The King is back, and no I’m not talking about Elvis, Michael, or George VI. I’m talking about King Cobra, Colt’s revisit to a classic .357 magnum revolver, and it’s got me smiling.

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Shot Show 2019: Mossberg Re-Enters the Pistol Game After 100 Years

MC1sc Photo: Mossberg Jacob Paulsen is at Shot Show 2019 to talk with Wes from Mossberg about the first pistol the company has released since it’s very first production pistol in 1919 which was popular with trappers during that time period. Since the first .22 caliber derringer pistol, Mossberg had built weapons well known to […]

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Shot Show 2019 Allen Company Giveaway

Photo: Jacob Paulsen is out at Shot Show 2019 talking with Lee from Allen Company, a Colorado based business which manufactures a number of products involving firearm storage. They produce many different styles of quality cases for rifles, shotguns, pistols, compound and crossbows. Their latest innovation is a method of storing firearms in a […]

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