The Benchmade Mini Adamas: A Heavy Duty Pocket Knife

Benchmade Mini Adamas w/ box

The Benchmade Mini Adamas: A Heavy-Duty Tactical Knife Last month, I received two knives from Benchmade. This review will focus on the Mini Adamas, with the Mini Barrage review to follow soon. Before we begin, I feel I should address the elephant in the room. Some in the 2A community have beef with Benchmade.…

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Is 10 Enough? How Many Rounds for Daily Concealed Carry?

P365 With SIG 365 V-Crown Ammo

Every concealed carrier faces a critical question: how many rounds should be on hand for daily defense? While statistics suggest an average, real-world situations are unpredictable. This article navigates the nuanced terrain of ammunition capacity, exploring what truly helps us prepare for a self-defense encounter. The Average Number Of Rounds Needed Method: The average number…

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Elite Survival Systems Summit Discreet Rifle Backpack Review

Recently, I tried out the Summit Discreet Rifle Backpack from Elite Survival Systems. I have owned their cobra buckle belt for about ten years and had zero issues with comfort or performance, so I was interested to see what sort of bags they make. As expected, Elite Survival Systems ivered, so let’s dig in. Evaluating…

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Tyrant CNC Glock Compatible Night Sights Review

Tyrant CNC is a company out of Chicago that fabricates aftermarket accessories for your AR-15 rifles and common everyday carry EDC handguns. Over the years, I’ve reviewed many products from Tyrant CNC and because of their customer service and thoughtful designs, developed a fondness for their brand. Since my first encounter with Tyrant CNC back…

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