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CCW Safe VS USCCA: A Comparison

I have thankfully never had to use self-defense insurance like CCW Safe or USCCA before, so, it’s kinda hard for me to say “which is better, USCCA or CCW Safe?” in any kind of authoritative manner. What I can try to do, however, is answer this question: Which self-defense insurance company is best based on […]

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What is Concealed Carry?

Let’s take it back to the basics for just one moment. I’m not sure we’ve ever answered the question: What is concealed carry? In trying to remember that our audience spans generations and experience levels, this is actually an all important question to answer. There are people who don’t know and it’s our job to […]

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Concealed Carry: Charged With First Degree Murder

On October 17th of 2015 Stephen Maddox was attacked three separate times by 41-year-old Kelly Wilkerson and his wife. After unsuccessfully attempting to flee his attackers, Maddox was forced to shoot Wilkerson. A long-time concealed carry permit holder, Maddox felt he had nothing to fear from the legal system since he believed the shooting to […]

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NRAAM 2019 New Releases

We are out at the NRA Annual Meetings, 2019, wandering around the show floor, checking out the goodies, and running into a few of our friends from around the country. If you’re here, make sure you stop us and say hi if you see any of us walking around. If we see you because you’re […]

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