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8 Maps About America and Guns – A Map for Everything

It isn't easy to find the information or to maintain it but we think its important that you know as much as possible about your state. We get a ton of questions about some of these political issues or questions about permit applications. The easiest way to describe this is to put it in the visual format of a map. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to suggest another map we can add to this list.

For additional details click on the Map's title to go to the best article on the internet about each of these topics.

States That Currently Have Magazine Capacity Limitations

Some states have laws that prohibit citizens from owning or acquiring magazines that hold a certain amount of rounds of ammunition. Its arbitrary and full of political drama. Learn more: Magazine Limitations

high capacity magazine ban

States That Have Universal Background Check Laws

A visual representation of states have have laws that prohibit the private sale or transfer of a firearm without a State background check

Red = All firearm transfers require a background check
Green = All handgun transfers require a background check

Universal background checks

Learn more about Universal Background Checks

States that Will Issue a Permit to a Non-Resident

The below map represents which states will and won't issue a concealed carry permit to a non-resident under the same criteria as a resident. It is worth noting that several of the states which are red do have provisions or exceptions for stationed military personnel and their families. Also a few states listed in Red may have a provision for people employed in or owning property in that state.

Red = Will Not issue to non-residents
Green = Will issue to non-residents
Yellow = Will issue to non-residents only who are residents of a select list of states
Blue = Will issue to non-residents but only if they have their home state permit first

Concealed Carry Non Resident Which States

States That Require or Don't Require Training for A Permit

Yellow = No Training Required to get permit
Green = Classroom Training Suffices
Blue = Training which includes Live Fire
Orange = Varies by county

States that require firearm training for permit

Shall Issue VS May Issue

Some states have laws that allow the issuing authority to decide if they are going to issue a concealed carry permit or not. Other states require that the permit be issued if the applicant meet the qualifications. Learn More: Shall Issue VS May Issue

Constitutional Carry

A handful of states have passed laws that allow citizens to carry a concealed firearm without first obtaining a permit. Is this a good thing? A bad thing? Learn more: Constitutional Carry Map and Overview

Constitutional Carry

States That Require One Actively Notify Law Enforcement of a Permit or Gun in Traffic Stop

Blue = If Asked
Green = No duty
Red = Required to Notify
Yellow = Varies by City or County

Required to Notify Law Enforecement Concealed Carry

States That Allow Concealed Carry on College Campuses

Green = Concealed Guns permitted by State Law
Grey = Concealed guns permitted by State law but schools limit locations/who carries
Red = Concealed guns not permitted by State law
Yellow = Schools decide weapon policy
Blue = Concealed guns permitted in locked cars in parking lots ONLY

States That Allow Campus Carry

States That Prohibit and Allow Suppressors / Silencers

Blue = Legal for Citizen Use and Hunting
Yell0w = Legal for Citizen Use but NOT Hunting
Red = Illegal

states that allow silencers

States That Permit or Prohibit Guns in Churches

What is the deal with churches? What states allow concealed carry at church and which ones don't?

Concealed Carry at Church_011117

States That Allow Open Carry

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