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SHOP Talk: Live at the Range With Dot Torture

dot torture test

This episode of SHOP Talk is really special. Today, Riley was on vacation and went to the local gun range to show all of us how he warms up for a range session with a Dot Torture Test.

The Dot Torture is a live fire drill designed to help test your accuracy on several small 2 inch dots starting at 3 yards. Then, you can adjust from there and add stress like time constraints or more distance. It's great to really see where you're at, accuracy wise, and as I said above, this is how Riley warms up.

To conduct the Dot Torture, it takes 50 rounds of ammo, or one box, and it tests almost all of your shooting skills from proper trigger manipulation, grip, reloads, one handed shooting, and more.

Riley shows exactly how to conduct each step of the drill as well as giving you tips on how to do it as well. This is great if you've never shot one-handed before or have never conducted a reload before as he shows you how to do it.

Heck, there is even one time at the end where he troubleshoots a couple malfunctions in a row that he unintentionally caused. This is a great example of what could happen in a firefight and why practicing these things is very important to save your life.

Check out the video, here:

I've shot this drill before and can say that depending on how you do it, it isn't easy. Sure, when you take your time and do it at the 3 yard line, it's not too hard. But, when you add a bit more distance or time constraints on yourself things change a bit.

The targets can be found and printed off on this page. Well worth the printer ink and a box of ammo to run this drill at your range, just as long as you can come out of the holster at your range.

Riley also mentioned a few things in this video that I wanted to link to.

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Leave any thoughts you have, or even questions for Riley, in the comments below.

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