Shooter Ready Challenge, March 2021


target transitions

We've been publishing dry fire training and challenge videos since October 2019 in an effort to help the average gun carrier take their skills to the next level. This series of videos is called “Shooter Ready Challenge” and it's completely free to watch and take advantage of.

And, you get to learn new skills from the host of the Concealed Carry Podcast, Riley Bowman.

The March video was just published today.

This time, the SRC video is all about target transitions.

Competitive shooters as well as those focused more on self-defense use of the handgun will see the value in learning how to transition between multiple targets quickly and effectively.

Check out Riley's pointers on how to improve upon your target transitions, on our Shooter Ready Challenge Page. What's cool about that page is all of the other past challenge videos dating from October 2019 until last month, are also there, available for free.

As a side benefit to participating in upping your proficiency as a shooter, everyone who participates is entered to win a special prize from us. There's no telling what this month's prize is, but we've given away some really cool things, ranging from hearing protection to ammo.

This month's fortunate winner is Scott M. From Louisiana. He won a Tactical Molle Vehicle Seat Organizer from ReadyUp Gear.

And if you weren't sure, dry fire training is one of the best ways you can increase your odds of winning a gun fight, is totally safe as long as you do it with an empty gun, and is something that all of the pro-shooters recommend you do.

Have you ever participated in the SRC challenge? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Terry Maznio on March 31, 2021 at 9:55 pm

    You asked why does anyone want a AR-15, first off it’s recognized as one of the favorite home defensive weapons in that it’s very easy to handle second it is a favorite for hunting low recoil compared to heavier more powerful long guns, third they are a blast to fun shoot, lastly but most importantly just because there black or have a curved magazine and are just one of MANY used by military does not make them a F….weapon of war l mean l can site a dozen or more weapons that can be labeled assault weapons actually more people are more frightened by a damn knife if you must know lastly the people who are threatening our rights to own ANY gun have their head up there ass and have no clue what is an assault weapon they just want everyone disarmed so people can be easily controlled like Hitler did

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