Delivery Driver Kidnapped and Assaulted—Strategies to Stay Safe as a Food Delivery Driver

Pizza ivery and taxi drivers used to be the target of criminals who wanted fast cash. Now, that people mostly pay electronically, drivers aren’t carrying cash. However, that doesn’t mean that food ivery drivers don’t have things that criminals want. Nearly everyone carries expensive electronics that criminals turn into quick cash or drugs. And some…

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VIDEO: Man Knocked Unconscious as People Stand and Watch

I just came across this surveillance video that shows a man being knocked unconscious from a single punch. We’re not masochists, and I don’t enjoy seeing anyone harmed. So, we always consider if there is training value before posting a video of someone being injured or killed. This one isn’t graphic, and I thought it’s…

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What You Don’t See Can Kill You

Shooting through clothing

** We originally published this post August 29, 2017 ** I have wanted to address this topic for quite some time. I hope the accompanying video is a visual of the ever-present danger law enforcement officers (LEOs) face during every contact. But not just LEOs, but anyone targeted by an armed criminal. What happens in…

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