Treating a Minor Injury on the Range is Important

mountain man medical applying a TQ

Last month, our company held the second annual Guardian Conference. A 3-day training event that provides plenty of live-fire range time. With hundreds of people on the range over two years, the odds are great that we would see at least some minor injuries, and we have. Treating injuries and medical conditions, no matter how…

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S7E4 – Discussing Range Medicine with Brian McLaughlin

Matthew Maruster interviews Brian McLaughlin of Mountain Man Medical. The guys discuss the brand new Range Medicine Course produced through a collaboration between Mountain Man Medical and Tactical Medical Solutions. Brian will discuss the importance of the new curriculum and a preview of what he will teach this September at the 2022 Concealed Carry Guardian Conference. Tune in!

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Shooting Guns on Private Property in Texas

risk assesment

There are so many laws that regulate shooting guns. If you live in Texas and own firearms, you might have wondered if you can shoot guns on your private property. And if so, how can you make sure you do it legally? Well, the answer to the last question depends on some factors. Let’s break…

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12 Beneficial Range Bag Essentials

range ruck gear back for guns

A day at the shooting range is just that. A full day. At least it is for people who are serious about training with their weapons or for people who just guns so much that they want to get their full amount of time that they can with them. The most bang for their buck if you’ll excuse the pun.

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